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Rove Passes the Blame

Yesterday on the Sunday Political Shows… Rove Talks and Claims: If Mistakes Were Made, They Weren’t His. Go figure. The Architect claims: “Somebody else made the decision for me,” he said. “I’m just doing what I was instructed to do.” So what does that mean? That Bush is the puppetmaster for Rove or that Bush’s […]

Bush, The Dissident… Bush, The Embarassing Uncle

From Monday’s news…. The WaPo brings us: As Democracy Push Falters, Bush Feels Like a ‘Dissident’. Two and a half years after Bush pledged in his second inaugural address to spread democracy around the world, the grand project has bogged down in a bureaucratic and geopolitical morass, in the view of many activists, officials and […]

In A Tizzy Over ‘Bloggers’

I’ve avoided writing about the various assaults from journalists on liberal bloggers and the blogosphere, but alas, this latest is quite a rant. Michael Skube obviously got himself in a tizzy with his pants bunched up in a wad and thinks that “most bloggers are doing all this on the side” and that they are […]