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Kerrey for Senate?

Is Bob Kerrey considering running for the Senate again? Could be says the N.Y Post: IS Bob Kerrey heading back to Nebraska? The Democrat, who was the governor and a senator of that state, is president of the New School here these days. But at the recent fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton at Ronald Perelman’s East […]

Stop The Madness: Michigan to Move Up Primary

Stop The Madness: Here we go… Another primary move has now jumped into the mix… According to sources inside both parties, the two state parties in Michigan have agreed to move the state’s primary — legislatively — to Jan. 15. This is a compromise date out of respect for Democratic Sen. Carl Levin, who really […]

Gross Overpayment

This falls under the WTF category: Pentagon Paid $998,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers: A small South Carolina parts supplier collected about $20.5 million over six years from the Pentagon for fraudulent shipping costs, including $998,798 for sending two 19-cent washers to an Army base in Texas, U.S. officials said. The company also billed and […]