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Music Notes, Part 2: Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Magic’

I’m an unabashed Springsteen fan, I must admit. I wasn’t always a fan… when The Boss drifted from the classic E Street Band/Asbury Park sound, so too went my interest. But then something magical was born from Bruce Springsteen, in the wake of 9/11. The Rising. Through The Rising, Springsteen and the E Street Band […]

Music Notes, Part 1: Jazz Legend Max Roach, Dies at 83

Jazz great, Max Roach died early today in Manhattan, he was 83. Roach was a “founder of modern jazz who rewrote the rules of drumming in the 1940’s and spent the rest of his career breaking musical barriers and defying listeners’ expectations.” As a young man, Mr. Roach, a percussion virtuoso capable of playing at […]

Go See ‘No End In Sight’

Ive written a couple of pieces here on the movie No End In Sight about the planning of the Iraq War. Marianne Williamson has a review of the movie on the HuffPo that is coupled with the message that people should go see the movie. Whatever anger or frustration you might already feel about this […]

Fleeing BushCo

In the wake of Karl Rove’s resignation, Tony Snow has signaled that he too could be on the way out and there may be a few more departures from BushCo. The ship is sinking. The duck is oh so lame… The prevailing winds seem to be whispering… Get out while you can. In an interview […]

Jenna Bush Engaged

Reliable Sources reported a short time ago (and now AP has it) that “First daughter Jenna Bush is engaged to long-time boyfriend Henry Hager, the president and first lady announced this afternoon. Hager, 29, popped the question to the 25-year-old teacher yesterday in Maine.” No wedding date has been set, said Sally McDonough, press secretary […]

Kerry Aide, David Wade to Run for President…

One of John Kerry’s Senate aides is running for President… of the Red Sox Nation! The story, first reported in Wednesday’s Boston Herald, noted that Kerry’s Deputy Chief of Staff, David Wade, “the junior senator’s main mouth, who has tried over the years to make Kerry at least sound like a Red Sox fan (‘Manny […]

Padilla Convicted of Terrorism Support

The breaking news story of the day today: Padilla convicted of terrorism support. Jose Padilla, the Brooklyn-born former street gang member arrested five years ago as a suspected terrorist, was convicted today by a federal jury in Miami along with two co-defendants on charges of supporting al-Qaeda and other violent Muslim extremist groups. After a […]

Kerry: Army Report on Suicide Rates Reinforces Need to Improve Care for All Wounds of War

Following up on my early morning post about the Army suicide rate being the highest in 26 years, Senator John Kerry made the following statement today, in response to the newly released military report on suicide rates of those serving in the United States Army. The report notes that soldiers in the Army committed suicide […]