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The “Center” Is Where We Stand

Susan Gardner and Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos make their case in the WaPo of how the progressive blogosphere aka “netroots” have pushed the envelope and created a “people-powered movement” that is “promoting an engaged and active politics embraced by significant majorities of Americans.” A new day is dawning for the progressive movement. The […]

Weekend Blog Diversions

I was perusing the blogosphere late last night and ran across Professor Bainbridge’s culinary offering on Andrew Sullivan’s Blog. Turns out the conservative leaning Prof is a bit of a feminist, he says and a good cook to boot. Intriqued by the nonsensical Are You A Feminist” Quiz, Stephen linked to via Volokh, I gave […]

Novelist Anne Rice Endorses Hillary Clinton

Novelist Anne Rice has endorsed Hillary Clinton. I haven’t seen this in the news yet, or the blogosphere, but earlier today, Anne Rice stopped by The Democratic Daily and posted in the comments here about her endorsement of Clinton. Rice, once known for her best-selling vampire series, returned the Catholic Church a couple of years […]

Thank Goodness: Iowa Governor Saves Christmas

All this juggling of presidential primaries is really getting out of hand. For a while it actually looked like the Iowa Caucus might actually get moved up to the end of this December and oh heavens… interfere with Christmas! But, no thank goodness, the Governor or Iowa has announced he’s saving Christmas and with a […]

The President’s Vacations

George W. Bush is poised to beat Ronald Reagan out for the title of the “Vacation President.” As he set off for his summer vacation it sets a stark reminder that most Americans don’t take as much time off as the president. Indeed, a “recent survey by Yahoo Hot Jobs found nearly half of American […]