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Minn. Bridge Problems Uncovered in 1990

The news today on yesterday’s bridge disaster in Minneapolis is bleak. There is little hope that search and rescue teams will find any more survivors at this point and adding to the tragedy comes this news that warnings on the bridge go back to 1990: Minnesota officials were warned as early as 1990 that the […]

Good Gracious

Good Gracious… This is lame… Brownback Girl: H/T to Cliff Schecter.

Kerry, Clinton & Boxer to Introduce Legislation Requiring Pentagon to Prepare for Iraq Redeployment

AP reports today that “A suicide car bomber slammed into an Iraqi police station northeast of Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 13 people.” The U.S. military announced three more soldier deaths: two killed in a mortar or rocket attack Tuesday, and another killed by a roadside bomb Wednesday. At least 3,659 U.S. military personnel […]

No Answer… No Class… No Decorum… No Diplomacy…

George W. Bush has never been known for his tact and diplomacy skills, but this one sure takes the cake: At a recent press conference at Camp David, President George Bush insulted BBC political editor Nick Robinson, the Daily Mirror reports. Robinson, who has asked Bush pointed questions in the past such as whetherthe president […]

Catastrophic Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis

Let the investigations begin on this catastrophic tragedy: 9 Dead, 60 Injured, 20 Missing after Dozens of Vehicles Plummet into River… Interstate Bridge Collapses Into Mississippi River in Minneapolis. An eight-lane highway bridge clogged with rush-hour traffic buckled and collapsed into the Mississippi River in central Minneapolis on Wednesday evening, pitching numerous vehicles into the […]