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Obama: The War We Need to Win

Barack Obama delivered a powerful speech on Wednesday about the “war we need to win.” Not Iraq. The war on terrorism. Obama’s tough talking speech has created a stir in the blogosphere… go here and read it, if you haven’t already. Some of the speech reminded me of a speech or two from John Kerry […]

Rumy Claims No Cover-up in Tillman Case

Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld testified before Congress on Wednesday and claimed there was no cover-up in the death of “former football star and Army Ranger Pat Tillman in Afghanistan three years ago.” Rumsfeld, at times combative with lawmakers, acknowledged that he urged Pentagon colleagues to “keep an eye on” Tillman when the former Arizona […]

Kerry: Congress Needs Veto Proof Margin on SCHIP

John Kerry spoke eloquently on the Senate floor earlier today on his “amendment to fully fund SCHIP to $50 billion over 5 years – the level originally allocated in the budget. ” Sadly, the vote failed 36-60. Which leaves me wondering… Why do some members of Congress not care about the kids in America? John […]

Tell Congress to VOTE YES on Children’s Healthcare and Medicare Protection Legislation

AARP is in on the fight to urge Congress to vote “YES” on the Children’s Health and Medicare Act. If you haven’t seen their ad watch it here: And then… Sign the Petition! RELATED POST: John Kerry on The Hill Blog: Insurance For Kids Will Not Fall Victim to Politics

Kerry Aide with Aspirations Considers Run for Mayor in ’09

John Kerry’s deputy state director, Setti Warren is considering running for mayor of Newton, MA in 2009. Warren “served in the Clinton White House, and was appointed in 2002 the regional director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for New England. Warren joined Kerry’s crew in 2003, serving as the senator’s trip director and press […]

Kerry Responds to Cheney’s Defense of Pentagon’s Smear of Senator Clinton

On Tuesday John Kerry responded to comments made by Vice President Dick Cheney during his interview with Larry King on CNN. Earlier in July, Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman said that Senator Clinton was aiding the enemy by asking for plans on troop redeployment from Iraq. Dick Cheney defended these attacks in the interview, saying […]