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John Kerry on The Hill Blog: Insurance For Kids Will Not Fall Victim to Politics

The battle over SCHIP was in the news on Monday with Paul Krugman noting that “denying basic health care to children whose parents lack the means to pay for it, simply because you’re afraid that success in insuring children might put big government in a good light, is just morally wrong.” And the public understands […]

Chief Justice Roberts Suffers Seizure

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was rushed to a hospital in Maine on Monday afternoon after suffering a seizure at his summer island home. Roberts, 52, fell on a dock after having a “benign idiopathic seizure,” said Kathleen Landin Arberg, the court’s public information officer. She said that Roberts has “fully recovered from the […]

Inslee to Introduce Gonzales Impeachment Tuesday

Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) will sponsor legislation on Tuesday calling on the Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.” Text of the legislation on Think Progress reads: Resolved: That the Committee on the Judiciary shall investigate fully whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to impeach Alberto Gonzales for […]