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Gonzo’s Long History of Truthlessness

Gonzo’s long history of defending Bush with lies and deceit has been laid out in Monday’s edition of the WaPo. It’s nothing new that Gonzo has been covering Bush’s tracks and kissing ass… Oh No… Gonzo has been at it “for more than a decade, since he worked for Bush in Texas.” Whether Gonzales has […]

The Dem Daily and the ’08 Presidential Election

Just to set the record straight here after conflicting opinions by our writers, self included on the Clinton – Obama kerfluffle earlier this week, none of the writers here on The Dem Daily have endorsed any of the ’08 presidential candidates to date. So as to have complete transparency, when and if I or any […]

’08 Election Coverage: More Cleavage… Less Issues

Robin Givhan’s WaPo column on Hillary Clinton’s cleavage has become the latest piece of tacky journalism that keeps on giving. Today, Deborah Howell bemoans the fact that the WaPo “got thousands of angry letters and calls last week — the vast majority from women — in response to a July 20 Style column by Fashion […]