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Obama Leaves Out Caveat… Now His Defense is Offensive

I hate to belabour the Obama-Clinton fued over foreign policy any further, but I just ran across an interesting piece related to the kerfluffle, that I think is important enough to continue the conversation here. Obama has gone to great lengths to distinguish himself as having a position different from Hillary Clinton’s “foreign policy approach,” […]

On the Cleavage Patrol

The Clinton campaign sent out a fundraising email today that focused on WaPo fashion writer, Robin Givhan’s piece on Hillary Clinton’s cleavage last week. The fundraising email is causing a stir and Howard Kurtz and Anne E. Kornblut have come to Givhan’s defense in a post on the WaPo’s The Trail blog. I didn’t comment […]

If You Can’t Stand the Heat… Get Out of the YouTube Debate

The Democratic YouTube debate earlier this week was a hit and it’s created some controversy that has certainly got things heating up as an early rendition of the primaries wars. Apparently the Dem’s Republican counter-parts can’t stand the heat though and they are working on weaseling out of their youTube Debate: Over the last few […]