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New Details Emerge on Pat Tillman’s Death

I’ve read the latest AP piece on Pat Tillman’s death twice now and I am stunned, simply stunned at the depths the Bush Administration has gone to, to cover up this up. Army medical examiners were suspicious about the close proximity of the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman’s forehead and tried without success to […]

Obama’s ‘Bush-Cheney’ Moment

Then today the blast above that was aimed directly at Hillary Clinton was memorable in it’s invective.

Hillary Scores Liberal Blogger Endorsement

Hillary Clinton not only scored the endorsement of Senator Dianne Feinstein yesterday, she also pikced up the endorsement of a well known liberal blogger, Steve Soto, writer and founder of the Left Coaster. His endorsement of Hillary was very well thought out and can be found on the Blog at HillaryClinton.com and the Left Coaster. […]

Kerry Challenges Bush, Republican Allies to Stop Obstructionism

The big news from the Senate today was the subpoena for Karl Rove issued by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.). The Hill reports, “Leahy issued the subpoenas, one to Rove and one to White House aide Scott Jennings, after consulting with Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), the committee’s ranking member.” “The Bush-Cheney White House […]

McCain’s Media Team Walks

John McCain media team has resigned and the WSJ reports that the break-up came by email: Political ad-makers Russ Schriefer and Stuart Stevens, veterans of President Bush’s 2000 and 2004 campaigns, on Monday emailed the new campaign manager — lobbyist and longtime McCain adviser Rick Davis — to say that they were quitting. The two […]