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Reid: Republicans Must Allow Up-Or-Down Vote On Amendment To Change Course In Iraq

The blogosphere has been abuzz today over the news that Harry Reid is prepared to force the Republicans into an “up-or-down vote on the Levin-Reed amendment to the Defense Authorization bill that will transition the mission in Iraq.” Bob Geiger reported earlier today that Reid was challenging “Republican colleagues to put up or shut up […]

The Mittster’s Makeover

After all the heat that John Edwards took for his expensive haircuts, there is nary a word said in the news or the blogosphere today about Mitt Romney’s $300 makeover. Kenneth P. Vogel reported today on Politico that the Mittster paid “to a California company that describes itself as “a mobile beauty team for hair, […]

Update on Upgrade and Other Dem Daily News

Note to readers: I wrote here over the weekend that The Dem Daily had had some server issues on late Thursday/Friday morning and we were going to upgrade our version of WordPress. The server issues it turns out were due to some Denial Of Service attacks on The Dem Daily. We’re still working on the […]

Joe Wilson Endorses Hillary

The big news in the liberal blogosphere today is that Joe Wilson has endorsed Hillary Clinton. The news of the endorsement went out to the blogs first via a conference call. The conference call is a major effort in reach out to the blogs by the Clinton campaign and a very smart move. Although Hillary […]

Fleeing From the McCain Camp

There was yet another shake-up in the Mccain camp as his “press department resigned en masse today.” Communications director Brian Jones stepped down, along with deputies Matt David and Danny Diaz. Research director Brian Rogers and South Carolina McCain spokesman Adam Temple are also leaving the campaign. None of the depatures is surprising, as Jones, […]