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Colin Powell: “I tried to avoid this war”

Colin Powell said at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, “I tried to avoid this war. I took him through the consequences of going into an Arab country and becoming the occupiers.” Evidently he didn’t try hard enough… Of course we all know Bush doesn’t listen anyway. But, on that note, Powell has now discloses […]

Live Earth Internet[s] Streaming Sets Record

Reuters reports that Microsoft Corp’s Web portal MSN said today that LIVE EARTH’s internet[s] streaming “broke a record for an online entertainment show by generating more than 9 million Internet streams.” As the last two of the nine Live Earth concerts got underway, MSN product manager Karin Muskopf said the number of streams had surpassed […]

Blog Highlight: Dogs Against Romney

OMG… This is priceless: Dogs Against Romney… Hi, I’m Rusty. I am afraid of high speeds. In fact, high speeds scare the crap out of me. My owner is helping me get the word out against Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is mean to dogs. He scares us. Help me get my message out. Rusty UPDATE: […]

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine Signs Toughest U.S. Carbon Law

On Friday, New Jersey became the “first U.S. state to mandate sharp greenhouse gas reductions by 2050 to help fight climate change.” The law, which was signed by Democratic Governor Jon Corzine, “makes New Jersey the latest state to bypass the Bush administration by setting mandatory regulations to fight emissions of gases that scientists link […]

Jon Udell: Motivation, context, and citizen analysis of government data

I ran across this blog post by Jon Udell on del.icio.us and I think Udell and Willinsky are on to something here: …these are only views of data. There’s no analysis and interpretation, no statistical rigor. Since most ordinary citizens lack the expertise to engage at that level, are governments that publish raw data simply […]

Iraq and The Road Home

Bring Them Home. The WaPo’s Foreign Service reported on Saturday that “Suicide attacks across Iraq killed at least 144 people and injured scores in an 18-hour period, including a massive truck bombing in a northern Shiite village that ripped through a crowded market, burying dozens in the rubble of shops and mud houses,” and 8 […]