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More LIVE EARTH: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at LIVE EARTH!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at LIVE EARTH in New York on 07-07-2007: The video is available here. H/T to DeepModemMom on DU.

Al Gore Discusses LIVE EARTH and Says No to 08

Al Gore is all pumped up these days. AP News caught up with Al Gore today between two of the North American venues for Live Earth and he described his enthusiasm for getting the message out. The message “is not about me,” he said. The Live Earth “concerts are just the first step in a […]

LIVE EARTH: Al Gore Slams Global Warming Doubters

Opening the Washington D.C. leg of the worldwide LIVE EARTH concerts today, Al Gore took a swipe at global warming doubters. The Washington D.C. concert war a “last-minute addition to the global event months after organizers failed to find a space on the US capital’s National Mall” due to the fact that some Republican lawmakers […]

Bush, The Dalai Lama & Karma

Yesterday, as noted here, was the birthday of both George W. Bush and the Dalai Lama. As anyone can clearly see, both men are diametrically opposed. While some may knock the concept that two men born on the same day could be so different because of a silly thing like astrology, elsewhere in the blogosphere […]