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Doolittle Makes More Headlines

California conservative Congressman John Doolittle, the latest GOP defector on Bush’s Iraq War Policy has got quite an interesting story… AP News has a nice little expose on Doolittle’s scandals. Here’s a few quips: Rep. John Doolittle’s associations with some notorious scoundrels have him uniquely tied to both congressional bribery scandals that have sent other […]

America’s Got ‘IMPEACHMENT’ Fever

More and more people every day seem to be talking about IMPEACHMENT. An idea, a concept that was once considered to be “off the table” these days seems to be all the rage. And really who can not get on board with the IMPEACHMENT fever. As each day passes and BushCo continues to slap Americans […]

NeoCon Joe Bangs the Iran War Drum

How Joe Lieberman can believe the tripe he writes in the WSJ today, that portrays him as a major Bush/Cheney butt kissing NeoCon is beyond me. But there he is in black & white, banging the Iran War Drum, as a full fledged NeoCon drum majorette. Why the good people of Connecticut ever re-elected him […]

Will Wonders Never Cease? Another Rat Jumps from Bush’s War Ship

Will wonders never cease? There’s GOP rats jumping from Bush’s War Ship faster than the White House can throw out life jackets and do damage control, it seems. Senator Pete Domenici jumped into the brink today, as reported here earlier and he was swiftly followed by none other than conservative California Congressman John Doolittle, thus […]