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Another Republican Senator Breaks With Bush’s Iraq War Policy

Another Republican Senator has broken with Bush over his Iraq War policy. This time, it’s Senator Pete Domenici (N.M.), a “36-year Republican veteran of the Senate.” Domenici “abandoned Bush’s Iraq war policy today by publicly endorsing legislation designed to withdraw nearly all U.S. troops from Iraq by March 2008.” Domenici, a member of the defense […]

Another Nice Catch for Hillary: Gephardt Endorses Clinton

Former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt, a 2004 presidential contender is endorsing Hillary Clinton today. Raw Story reports: According to the aide, the campaign sees the endorsement as a major one for the former first lady, bringing with him the support of a major cross-section of American labor. He is also believed to be the […]

From the Tabloid Pages of the WaPo… The Stylist Speaks

When I first heard the story of John Edwards’ $400 haircut I was a bit taken a back. It’s a pricey haircut I thought to myself, but now the WaPo has a feature story on the Edwards’ hairgate and honestly, it’s a bit over the top. Reading the story, this jumped out for me: At […]