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Quirky Edwards Video

There’s a quirky John Edwards video that is on MYDD’s Breaking Blue that shows Edwards talking about what is presumably the Right Wing Noise Machine: Politico jumped on the video on Friday with a transcript of the the clip: This stuff’s not an accident. Nobody in this room should think this is an accident. You […]

More on “No End In Sight”

The other night I posted here about a new movie that has been released to limited theaters, “No End In Sight.” Intell Dump has a review up on “No End In Sight”… Here’s a few quips: Bottom line up front: go see this movie. It presents the history of the Iraq war in clear, sober, […]

Obama Leaves Out Caveat… Now His Defense is Offensive

I hate to belabour the Obama-Clinton fued over foreign policy any further, but I just ran across an interesting piece related to the kerfluffle, that I think is important enough to continue the conversation here. Obama has gone to great lengths to distinguish himself as having a position different from Hillary Clinton’s “foreign policy approach,” […]

On the Cleavage Patrol

The Clinton campaign sent out a fundraising email today that focused on WaPo fashion writer, Robin Givhan’s piece on Hillary Clinton’s cleavage last week. The fundraising email is causing a stir and Howard Kurtz and Anne E. Kornblut have come to Givhan’s defense in a post on the WaPo’s The Trail blog. I didn’t comment […]

If You Can’t Stand the Heat… Get Out of the YouTube Debate

The Democratic YouTube debate earlier this week was a hit and it’s created some controversy that has certainly got things heating up as an early rendition of the primaries wars. Apparently the Dem’s Republican counter-parts can’t stand the heat though and they are working on weaseling out of their youTube Debate: Over the last few […]

New Details Emerge on Pat Tillman’s Death

I’ve read the latest AP piece on Pat Tillman’s death twice now and I am stunned, simply stunned at the depths the Bush Administration has gone to, to cover up this up. Army medical examiners were suspicious about the close proximity of the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman’s forehead and tried without success to […]

Obama’s ‘Bush-Cheney’ Moment

Then today the blast above that was aimed directly at Hillary Clinton was memorable in it’s invective.

Hillary Scores Liberal Blogger Endorsement

Hillary Clinton not only scored the endorsement of Senator Dianne Feinstein yesterday, she also pikced up the endorsement of a well known liberal blogger, Steve Soto, writer and founder of the Left Coaster. His endorsement of Hillary was very well thought out and can be found on the Blog at HillaryClinton.com and the Left Coaster. […]