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Elizabeth Edwards Takes Her Own Stance

I’m not a big Elizabeth Edwards fan, nor am I a big John Edwards fan. However, I admire Elizabeth Edwards grace and strength in dealing with her breast cancer and I applaud her for standing up and taking her own stance on gay marriage: Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards, kicked off […]

Faith, Politics and Obama

When John Kerry gave his speech on faith and politics last September at Pepperdine University, I thought it was one of the most moving speeches I had heard Kerry deliver. Barack Obama delivered a speech on faith and politics at the “50th anniversary convention of his own denomination, the United Church of Christ” on Saturday […]


WHATEVER… Some days reading the news and the take on the news in the blogosphere, left, right and center, I just wanna say “WHATEVER!” Memeorandum has all the buzz of the day. A new NEWSWEEK Poll shows that most Americans don’t seem to be paying attention to the news and current events anyway. Meanwhile… it’s […]

Immigration and “American Land”

AP News reports today that Senators on both sides of the immigration debate appealed today to “wavering supporters ahead of renewed debate on securing the borders and dealing with 12 million undocumented immigrants.” A fragile compromise was pulled from the Senate in early June, then resurrected after bipartisan negotiations with the White House. The bill […]

Fred Thompson Dabbles Around

Fred Thompson has dabbled around with a few things in his life: Politics, Drama and Women. This should be enough to garner him the women’s vote — or at least that what’s some of his former “conquests” believe: IN the battle for the women’s vote, Fred Thompson has a secret weapon against Hillary Clinton – […]

Dick Cheney: The 4th Branch

As the graphic above shows, apparently it’s time to re-write the text books for our kids U.S. Goverment class because, I know my daughter just finished her Gov. class and there was nothing in her textbook about the “Dick Cheney” branch of the U.S. Government. Desppite the fact that there really is NO “Dick Cheney” […]