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Bush Vetoes Bill to Fund Stem-Cell Research – Kerry Says Bush Stem Cell Veto Hurts Science

Bush vetoed a bill on Wednesday, “easing federal funding for embryonic stem cell research” and called on “House Democrats to send him a bill funding alternative stem cell research that does not destroy human embryos.” “If this legislation becomes law, it would compel American taxpayers — for the first time in our history — to […]

Kerry Tells Homeland Security Not to Deport Wife of Missing Soldier

Rebel Reaper pointed out this tragic story earlier today here and on his own blog, about Department of Homeland Security attempts to deport the missing soldier’s wife. Senator John Kerry announced this morning that he is working to prevent US officials from deporting Yaderlin Hiraldo, a woman from the Dominican Republic whose husband has served […]

Do You “Get Off” on This?

As Todd pointed out below, once again Dr Ron Chusid of “Liberal Values” Blog has chosen to attack me and this blog. I wonder what character deficiency he is trying to compensate for by the constant attacks on myself and other bloggers with whom he disagrees? I just see an ugly soul who feels the […]

A Call for Authors

By being dedicated to facts, Practical Politics and Practical Political Analysis it found it’s own voice.

Getting Geared Up Bloomberg Switches Parties

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced on Tuesday that he was switching parties and “dropping his Republican affiliation, a step that could clear the way for him to make an independent bid for the presidency.” The announcement was released during a campaign-style swing through California, during which Mr. Bloomberg, 65, a billionaire businessman, used […]