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Kerry Tells White House: Attacks on Harry Reid Are No Substitute for Accountability

The right wingers are in a tizzy, feigning outrage once again, in an all too familiar pattern, as Harto noted below. The whole mess has been blown out of context, it seems, but regardless of that fact the Republican Noise machine has taken with this one and run as they always do, with a full […]

A Sobering Poll

Too many Democrats are assuming a Democratic Victory in 2008

John Kerry Calls for New Approach to Fighting Terrorism (UPDATED – AUDIO)

The WaPo reported today that there has been no drop in the violence in Iraq since Bush’s troop surge began (Michael noted this here earlier). Three months into the new U.S. military strategy that has sent tens of thousands of additional troops into Iraq, overall levels of violence in the country have not decreased, as […]

Best Political Advice of the Day

“Always assume you’re being recorded, and always record your opponent.”