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Gone Fishin…

Greetings Readers… Just a note to say I’ve gone fishin… No not really. I am really embarking on a business adventure with some friends until late Sunday afternoon. I’ll be checking back here Sunday night… Meanwhile check in a few headline stories in the news and the blogopshere: Peter Pace’s Political Gaming on Libby and […]

OXFAM Pokes Fun at G8 Leaders, Bono Nails G8 Leaders for “False Promises”

Activists from the British charity organization Oxfam International poked fun with a purpose at the G8 leaders, donning masks of each of the leaders and posing on the beach in Kuehlungsborn earlier this week. Rockstar activist Bono was among those seeking aid for Africa who led the attacks on G8 leaders for their “false promises.” […]

L.A. Could Have Spared Us Paris

I have to admit the latest episode in the Cirque de Paris here in L.A. has made me think how utterly ridiculous this city can be at times. I’ve lived here for 17 years now, a transplant from small town MA, and I’ve seen it all over the years. Today was one of those days […]