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RFK’s Tribute to Martin Luther King…1968

Listen more carefully for the message of unity and love….

John Kerry Challenges Congress, Bush on Energy Solutions At Home and Abroad

In remarks at the National Press Club, John Kerry challenged the Democratic Majority today to take bold approaches to solving our environmental crisis caused by Climate Change, when the Senate takes up the debate on the energy bill next week. Kerry, who has been one of the top environmentalists in the Senate through out his […]

The GOP Debate: Winners and Losers

Chris Cillizza weighs the winners and losers of last night’s GOP debate… We found it difficult to determine clear winners and losers in last night’s Republican presidential debate from here in Manchester, New Hampshire. It was a debate of moments; a number of candidates shined here and there, but none put together a showing that […]

Kerry Says It’s Time for Action on Global Warming

John Kerry is taking to the podium at the National Press Club as I write this, to give a speech on Global Warming, which I will post here as soon as it is available. Kerry’s speech, AP News reports, “come as President Bush attends an international summit in Germany where global warming is front and […]

Our National Disgrace

Earlier this week “two military judges ruled against the Bush administration’s system for trying terrorism detainees” at Guantánamo Bay. ” The following day, Democrats took the ruling “as evidence that Congress should restore the right of those” held in the detainee camp. Guantánamo is our national disgrace. Senator Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who is […]