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Hillary Nails Bush Style Diplomacy in Debate (VIDEO)

The Democratic presidential candidates faced off tonight for their 2nd debate at St. Anselm College just outside Manchester, NH. The WaPo predicted that much of the focus would be on the “three leading candidates — New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former North Carolina senator John Edwards.” Good luck to […]

Jerry Lewis, CA-41, to Retire Under Fire?

“Lewis came under fire last year for pouring millions of dollars worth of earmarks into his heavily Republican southern California district. “

I am a Liberal – ‘Proclaiming Liberalism, and What It Now Means’

Patricia Cohen writes in the N.Y. Times today about the “struggle among conservatives to define their movement in the post-Bush era” and the fact that many “liberal intellectuals and writers are doing some soul-searching of their own.” The debates on both have been scattered across the blogosphere recently as well, with bloggers on both sides […]