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Texas Leads in Carbon Emissions

I remember when I read Robert F. Kennedy Jr.‘s Crimes Against Nature that Kennedy detailed that Bush had done a lot of damage to Texas as Governor by rolling back environmental protections there. Some how we managed to stuck with him as president after that fiasco, but the effects of his stewardship of the environment […]

RIP Steve Gilliard… The Liberal Blogosphere Mourns

The liberal blogosphere mourns the loss of one their own today, with the news that Steve Gilliard, “publisher of The News Blog (www.thenewsblog.net), passed away early this morning.” Steve was 41. To those who have come to trust The News Blog and its insightful, brash and unapologetic editorial tone, we have Steve to thank from […]

Law Enforcement Charges 4 Men in Plot to Bomb Kennedy Airport – Kerry Was Right

Federal law enforcement officials and New York City police announced today that “four people have been charged with conspiring to bomb Kennedy International Airport.” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg issued a statement saying: “The fact that plotters conspired to plan an attack on John F. Kennedy Airport is another reminder that in today’s world we face […]

Iowa’s Other Presidential Candidate Preferences

For those readers still hoping for a Kerry or Gore run in ’08, take heart… You’ve got company. Apparently, as a Des Moines Register poll suggested a couple of weeks ago, “Iowans likely to participate in the January caucuses aren’t entirely satisfied with the list of declared candidates” on either side of the fence:

Bush Lied…

How did we end up in the “troop funding trap“? Well, it’s simple really… Bush lied to voters in 2000 and they bought it. Now we own his war and every other mess he has created… Advocates of the current war who enjoy the spectacle of war opponents caught in this trap of laws and […]