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Bush is Worse Than Nixon… But Giuliani Is Worse Than Bush

We all know the comparisons by now that show that Bush is worse than Nixon, but brace yourselves for a damn good reason to work like hell over the next year and half to make sure that Democrat is elected as the next president. Because if, and it’s a big if… IF Rudy Giuliani is […]

Bartlett Bails On Bush

Another key aide to Bush is bailing. White House counselor Dan Bartlett, one of Bush’s “closest and most trusted aides,” announced on Friday that he will resign in July. Barlett’s departure will leave “a void in an administration that has seen a string of departures as it struggles with sagging public approval ratings.” Bartlett, the […]

GOP Luring Fewer Donors, Smaller Crowds in NH

NH is acting bluer and bluer these days it seems and that isn’t boding too well for the GOP in terms of the upcoming ’08 elections. The tide started to turn when NH went for Kerry in ’04 and it’s really looking like a bit of a tidal wave now: Democratic presidential candidates are drawing […]