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Kerry to Outline Legislative Solutions to Climate Change

On Wednesday, June 6, John Kerry will discuss his ideas for legislative solutions to climate change and his new book, “This Moment on Earth,” at a National Press Club luncheon. Currently serving his 4th term in office, Senator Kerry Chairs the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and serves on the Finance, Foreign Relations and […]

U.S. Economic Growth Weakest in 5 Years

This morning it was like waking to a nightmare come true, as I read the “Breaking News” headline on MSNBC that economic growth was the weakest in 5 years. My vision was blurry from not enough sleep so I decided to crawl back into bed, rather than read the bad news that I already knew […]

The Dept of Defense in More Body Armor Nonsense

Just last week the Department of Defense again affirmed their choice of body armor manufacturers. They rejected Dragon Skin in favor of the current use of Cerdyne Corporation ceramic plate body armor. It was their contention that Dragon Skin, which is the body armor of choice for all private military contractors, Special Forces worldwide who […]

Wonderful Gift…

With the cost of higher education contunally rising and making it more difficult for low income students to attend college, one anonymous donor has given a wonderful gift to future University of Chicago students: A graduate of the University of Chicago gave an anonymous donation of $100 million to his alma mater, marking the largest […]

Today’s Reality in Yesterday’s Song

While this is a real change here at DemDaily, let’s listen to a song from another time of tumoil and war

Americans Would Tell Bush: Out of Iraq

Gallup Polls asked in their latest poll what Americans would tell Bush if they had 15 minutes with him to talk “about the situation in Iraq.” The results at this point were not at all surprising… The majority of Americans — if they could literally file through the Oval Office and talk to the man […]