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Al Gore on Olbermann…Some Things Don’t Change

Last nights appearance on Keith Olbermann should, in my old-school ‘Practical Politics’ reality-world, slam the door on the efforts to get him into the race. (Al Gore)

Nice Catch for Hillary

Nice catch for Hillary… She has won the endorsement of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Villaraigosa is considered to be one of the most influential and powerful Democrats in California and among the top “most influential Hispanics in the nation.” With the endorsement, which is to be announced today in Los Angeles, Mrs. Clinton has […]

Myerson Points Out Ending Iraq War Will be a Process

A few days have gone by now since the vote in Congress that fired up the Democratic base and created the battle cries of WTF, we elected you for this? Harold Myerson writes in the WaPo today, “Of all the absurdities attending our unending war in Iraq, the greatest is this: We are fighting to […]

Fred Thompson to Make it Official

The big news this morning on the ’08 presidential race is that Fred Thompson has decided to officially jump in to the race. Thompson is in the process of forming a presidential committee and beginning a fundraising effort. His advisers say that he will make a formal announcement during the 4th of July weekend. Thompson, […]