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Cindy Sheehan Takes Back Her Life

Cindy Sheehan has decided it’s time to take back her life, or more aptly put, get on with it. I can’t say that I would disagree with her on that. She’s fought the good fight, been the front of the anti-war movement after the loss of her son Casey in Iraq and now it’s time […]

‘The World is Under a Deadline’

‘The world is under a deadline.’ I know many people don’t want to think about it, or acknowledge it, But, it’s true and I’m not talking about the apocalypse or the Fundamentalist ‘end times’ theories… I’m talking about Climate Change and the eventual change of the face of the planet. The Earth, our Mother has […]

Remembering the Sacrifices

Today we remember the sacrifices of the men and women who have served our nation… You Grieve Forever… and the Faces of the Fallen will never be forgotten. READ: Another Memorial Day Marks Grief’s Journey