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It’s a Boy

It’s a boy for Mary Cheney… A grandson for Deadeye Dick…

Olbermann: ‘Who Among Us Will Stop This War, This War Of Lies’

In his “Special Comment” tonight about the “Democrats’ deal with President Bush to continue financing this unspeakable war in Iraq—and to do so on his terms,” Keith Olbermann said, “The entire government has failed us on Iraq.” Only the few that have bravely stood and announced they will vote “NO” in no uncertain terms will […]

Kerry to Vote No on Iraq Bill: ‘An Iraq Bill Without a Deadline is Meaningless’

The new Iraq spending bill is making waves and Chris Bowers on MYDD has the new video from Chris Dodd up that explains why Dodd is voting “NO” on the bill. Bowers said, “It will be interesting to see if there is a chorus of Democrats who start to join him on this.” Meteor Blades […]

Kerry Warns White House: If you Expect Senate Confirmation, Send us a Nominee Who will Protect Consumers

The White House agreed to today to withdraw the name of Michael Baroody as the new chief of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Baroody had faced “strong opposition from some Senate Democrats because of his career as a manufacturers’ lobbyist.” Baroody is a lobbyist for the National Association of Manufacturers, and his critics on Capitol […]

Kerry Amendment Protects Children, Families Caught In Immigration Raids

With the immigration reform debate heating up in Congress once again, a new Rasmussen Reports Poll shows that “just 26% of American voters favor passage of the legislation.” Senator John Kerry introduced an amendment today to that would offer protections for immigrant families and children who are caught in Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) workplace […]

A New Communications Channel and a Post to Elizabeth Edwards

This new channel is a Direct One-on-One Voter Communications channel.

Bush Leaks Classified Intelligence for Political Gain

Never let it be said that the Decider/Commander Guy doesn’t have playing politics down to a science. On Tuesday, Bush “declassified intelligence showing in 2005 Osama bin Laden planned to use Iraq as a base from which to launch attacks in the United States, according to White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe.” Johndroe said the intelligence […]

Kerry Responds to a Student’s Plea

Last week, I wrote about a student at Bunker Hill Community College in Massachusetts, who was feeling the pinch because he didn’t qualify for financial aid. John Around Him, 25, and Iraq War veteran and member of the Oglala Sioux nation, took it upon himself to write John Kerry for help in “overhauling the student […]