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Republicans and Voter Suppression

Last June, in his Rolling Stone article, about the ’04 election questioning whether the vote had been stolen, Robert Kennedy, Jr. quoted Howard Dean saying, “We know that there was substantial voter suppression, and the machines were not reliable. It should not be a surprise that the Republicans are willing to do things that are […]

John Kerry Asks Bush Not To Cut Military Pay Raise

On Saturday, I reported here that the “Bush Administration won’t approve a pay raise for our military.” The simple reasoning is of course, Republicans don’t really support the troops. The piece I quoted Saturday from the Boston Globe noted that Kerry had sent a letter to Bush on Friday, saying that “he was “extremely disappointed” […]

Richardson Officially Enters the ’08 Race

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson officially declared himself a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination today, and became the first Hispanic presidential candidate. Richardson’s announcement in Los Angeles came with the “rock star” fanfare and “status of some of his rivals.” The former congressman and Cabinet secretary said his track record makes him the right […]

More Political Theater of the Absurd: Edwards Not Involved in Haircut

Harto wrote about the latest Bush “political theater of the absurd” below. Well, I just ran across this absurdity about the John Edwards haircut kerfluffle from a few weeks ago, you know the one that won’t seem to go away. it seems John Edwards was not even involved in his $400 haircut. Atleast that what […]

An OMG Moment for Texting Teens and Parents – Part 2 – Take Action

Yesterday, I wrote about a piece in the WaPo that described the mess parents are getting into with cell phones and their teens using them for text messaging. While some parents are bowing to the pressure of allowing their kids to text message and singing on to new text message packages that add more monthly […]

Harry Reid is Proving He’s the New Sheriff in Town

Good for Harry Reid… Two can play at Bush’s game and this summer Bush may lose: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a little trick up his sleeve that could spell an end to President Bush’s devilish recess appointments of controversial figures like former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton. We hear that over the long […]