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Reporters Demand Answers on ‘Ashcroft Hospital Visit’ – Hapless Press Secretary Confirms Visit

Are members of the Bush administration so hapless that when peppered by reporters for answers on something they are trying to cover-up, they actually give the truth away? I guess so… At a press briefing this morning at the White House, reporters peppered Bush spokesman Tony Fratto with questions about the growing intrigue surrounding the […]

Exxon Still Funding Climate Change Deniers

Greenpeace has the scoop… EXXON is STILL pumping out lies and funding Climate Change deniers. Read more here and here. In other environmental news, The Times of London also reports that a “rapid rise in global warming is forecast.” This is not good… The oceans are losing the capacity to soak up rising man-made carbon […]

Two ABC News Journalists Killed in Iraq

The deaths brought the number of journalists killed in Iraq since 2003 to 104, making it the deadliest conflict for media in 25 years, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Gloucester Attorney to Challenge Kerry in ’08

AP News reported yesterday that a virtual unknown Gloucester, MA attorney has designs on challenging John Kerry for re-election in ’08. Good luck, pal… Edward O’Reilly, a former lobsterman, firefighter, Gloucester city councilor and Gloucester School Committee member, plans to run as a Democrat. “This is no flash in the pan,” O’Reilly said Thursday as […]

Gonzales = No Confidence

Wolfowitz is out of the World Bank and now it’s time to cut Alberto Gonzales loose. The Gonzales/DOJ scandal is by far the ugliest of BushCo scandals and it appears to be getting uglier by the minute. Senate Democrats are arranging to hold a “no-confidence vote” on Gonzales and top Republican on the Senate Judiciary […]

Al Gore: The Assault on Reason

Al Gore’s new book, The Assault on Reason is due out May 22. TIME Magazine has an excerpt here. TIME also speculates on whether Gore will jump in.

Speaking of Energy Policy… Have You Seen the Latest Gas Prices?

Speaking of energy policy… Have you seen the latest gas prices? In Washington D.C. today, it’s Bike to Work Day. That’s an idea that should perhaps should go national. TIME Magazine reports, “Gasoline prices hit new records at the pump again Thursday, while gas and oil futures surged on ongoing concerns that refiners aren’t making […]