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Richardson’s Bold Energy Plan

Bill Richardson laid out his vision for energy policy solutions today at the New America Foundation. He’s got some good ideas, some I have heard before and personally I’m one that always believes in giving credit where credit it due. Regardless, it’s good to see Richardson out there talking about the issue of energy consumption […]

Senate Reaches Immigration Deal

The Senate has agreed on an immigration reform deal this afternoon “that would bring illegal immigrants and their families “out of the shadows and into the sunshine of American life,” as Senator Edward M. Kennedy put it.” The bill would provide an opportunity “right away” for millions of illegal aliens to correct their status, said […]

Wolfowitz Out – Girlfriend ‘Angry and Upset’

Earlier I reported that it looked as Wolfowitz was on his way out the door. It’s official. He’s resigned, effective June 30. ABC News reports: Wolfowitz is the first World Bank president to ever leave the bank under a cloud of scandal. I guess that’s what happens when Dubya appoints a crony to head the […]

On His Way Out the Door: Wolfowitz to Resign?

CNN reports that Wolfowitz is on his way out the door… Senior World Bank officials told CNN earlier Thursday that they expected Wolfowitz to announce his resignation “soon.” On Wednesday bank directors held talks with Wolfowitz and White House officials amid reports they were close to reaching an agreement. The agreement would allow Wolfowitz to […]

Scientists Cast Doubt on Kennedy Bullet Analysis

The WaPo has a piece today on a “research team that includes a former top FBI scientist” that is “challenging the bullet analysis used by the government to conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald alone shot the two bullets that struck and killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963.” The “evidence used to rule out a […]

Bill Richardson’s Oil Refinery Holdings

The N.Y. Times is reporting the net worth of the ’08 candidates today and the holdings of one Democratic hopeful struck me as curious: Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, a Democrat, reported owning more than $100,000 in stock and options worth at least $250,000 in a major oil refiner on whose board he once […]

Hillary Asks for Input to Choose Campaign Song

Hillary Clinton is seeking input to choose a campaign song. The email that went out from the Clinton campaign about this reminded me of when the Kerry campaign sought input from supporters to help choose their campaign song. Here’s the video from the Clinton campaign on the latest effort to get supporters involved with her […]