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Kerry, Zinni Urge New ‘Strategic’ Foreign Policy Style

A new foreign policy think tank was launched on Wednesday at the National Press Club. The American Security Project, DefenseNews.com reports was the “brainchild” of Senator John Kerry over a year ago. I’ve heard rumors about this for some time now, I’m glad to see it finally off the ground. We truly do need a […]

Senate Rejects Iraq Funding Cutoff – Kerry Says Votes Show “Even Republicans Concede Bush Iraq Policy Must Change”

The Senate rejected legislation on Wednesday “that would cut off money for combat operations in Iraq after March 31, 2008.” The vote was a loss for Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wis., and other Democrats who want to end the war. But the effort picked up support from members, including presidential hopefuls previously reluctant to limit war […]

Wasted Campaign Media and Money

….they could have gotten nearly twice as many points on their cable buys at a savings of 30% or more – roughly $52,000 per week.

Kerry: Climate Change Vote Essential Step Forward

Yesterday, the Senate, held one of its first full debates on global warming on an amendement sponsored by John Kerry that would have required the “Army Corps of Engineers to consider the impact of climate change in designing water resources projects.” The vote was 51-42 in favor of the amendment to a water projects bill, […]

Tweezerman ’08

Just when you thought the ’08 playing field was a little bit crowded and already stacked with a few dark horses… In rides another one… Move over, Mike Gravel. Step aside, Dennis Kucinich. There’s a new dark horse to the rescue. Faster than a Mach3 razor, more powerful than a laser hair remover, and able […]

White House Shifts on Wolfowitz

Is it time to throw Paul Wolfowitz under the bus? You betcha… The Bush administration softened its support for World Bank President Paul D. Wolfowitz yesterday, signaling a willingness to replace him if the bank’s executive board resolves an ethics controversy without firing him. “All options are on the table,” said White House spokesman Tony […]