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Senate Panel Approves Fuel Economy Increase – Kerry Says New Fuel Efficiency Standards Are “A Step Forward” But Fall Short

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee approved a plan today to “increase fuel efficiency standards to an average of 35 miles per gallon by 2020 in a move closely watched by automakers and environmental groups.” The plan “would raise the nationwide fleet fuel economy average by about 40 percent compared with the current levels […]

Blunderer in Chief Winks at the Queen

First, he put his foot in his mouth and then he attempts to fix his gaffe with a little wink… Obviously, the Queen was not amused by the Blunder in Chief. All in all, Bush was so full of himself yesterday, he even took a little extra time to insult a NEWSWEEK photograher: The informal […]

Oh, That Sinking Feeling

Oh, that sinking feeling… Bush may still exude “confidence, but his ship of state is taking on water-fast.” It seems that some folks believe that everything Bush touches “turns to dust.” Sounds about right to me. Somewhere on the right, however, hope still floats for the floundering Bush– or maybe it’s just Bush*t. Maha has […]