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Kerry Plan Would Save Bristol Bay from Oil Drilling

John Kerry introduced the Bristol Bay Protection Act on Monday, which will permanently prohibit oil and gas drilling in Alaska‚Äôs Bristol Bay. Bristol Bay is north of the Alaskan peninsula. The North Aleutian Basin Planning Area in Bristol Bay has been banned from drilling under the Congressional Moratorium, but last week, the Bush Administration announced […]

Kerry in Florida… ‘We Can Stop a Catastrophe’

John Kerry was in Coral Gables, Florida on Sunday afternoon to promote his book about the environment — “This Moment on Earth.” Kerry co-wrote “This Moment On Earth,” with his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. It talks about the environmental movement and the need for solutions to pressing environmental problems. “It’s about how we can deal […]

Dress Him Up, Can’t Take Him Anywhere

Well, we hoped that the Commander Guy would be on his best behavior and not say anything stupid to Queen Elizabeth II. We knew better, however, because past encounters Bush has had with dignitaries all seem to be marred by something, but suggesting that “Queen Elizabeth was over 230 years old.” That takes the cake… […]

E&P: Editorial Demands Grow for U.S. Pullout of Iraq

E&P reports today on the increase in editorial pages demanding a pull out from Iraq. Yesterday I noted here, the editorial from the L.A. Times, that E&P mentions in their piece today: The editorial pages of many American newspapers have long been harshly critical of the conduct of the war in Iraq, but very few […]

Edwards And Poverty: The ‘Consequence of the Consequence’ Concept

Too many appear to already be making choices without carefully examining the Authenticity, Character, Experience and ability to Govern of all the candidates.