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Too Important Not to Cover: Gore Sees ‘Spiritual Crisis’ in Warming

Bob Richter, the San Antonio Express-News public editor explains why one of his reporters covered Al Gore’s speech on Saturday at the American Institute of Architects convention, although the speech was closed to the press. In a nutshell, Richter says, “Gore’s message is too important, I think, to get muddled.” Frankly, I agree. Whether or […]

Bring on the ‘Friendship Fries’

In honor of the new right wing French president, wingnuts can now rename their “Freedom Fries” to a kinder, gentler, friendlier name more fitting of a country willing to kiss up to BushCo: ‘Friendship Fries.’ We bring you the new and improved: H/T to Zombietime for the fries. Steve Audio takes a look back at […]


Two years ago I attended a screening of Trudell at the Artivist Film Festival in Los Angeles and this very profound short opened for it: HOPE, is a story of prophecy:

The Other ‘Surge’: Gas Prices Up About 20 Cents in Two Weeks

Have you felt the latest pinch at the pumps? That’s the other ‘surge’ compliments of BushCo, rising gas prices. AP News reports: Gasoline prices have surged to a record nationwide average of $3.07 per gallon, nearly 20 cents higher than two weeks earlier, oil industry analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday. The previous record was $3.03 […]

Sean Penn on BushCo on the Bill Maher Show

Sean Penn was on the Bill Maher Show on Friday night, along with Harold Ford, Jr., and Penn spoke out on George Tenet’s new book and the Bush Administration: Penn’s assessment, needless to say pissed off some wingnuts. Meanwhile, the right wing is working hard to denounce Tenet’s book. But, some Republicans are acknowleging that […]

‘Wars Do End When the American People Say They Must’

Say what? David Broder in his colum in the WaPo today says: Wars do end when the American people say they must. Dwight Eisenhower was elected president in 1952 with a promise to end the Korean War. Richard Nixon was elected president in 1968 with a promise to end the Vietnam War. And if George […]

L.A. Times. Retreats on Surge Support, Calls for Withdrawal from Iraq

Neo-con Francis Fukuyama writes in the L.A. Times today that , “It is no longer a question of if or when the U.S. leaves Iraq, but how.” And, in an editorial in today’s L.A. Times, the Times retreats on their earlier support for Bush’s ‘surge’ and says that it is time to “Bring them home.” […]