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Cheryl Osimo a ‘New Environmentalist’

The Cape Cod Times has an OP/ED today by John and Teresa Heinz Kerry about a woman who was profiled in their book, “This Moment On Earth.” Cheryl Osimo is “a former elementary school teacher with two children,” who helped to “create the Silent Spring Institute — an environmental organization that has made stunning discoveries […]

The Truth About Political Debates…By A Republican

It’s exactly the wrong way to pick a president, and I think it doesn’t help the country much

Texas Swagger Meets British Prim

On a more serious note than my previous post on the Queen’s visit to the U.S., the N.Y. Times notes the upcoming gala dinner to be held at the White House to honor the Queen’s visit and the prodding neccessary from the First Lady to get Bush to the table: How does George W. Bush, […]

I Saw A Werewolf Walkin’ With the Queen

I saw a werewolf walkin’ with the Queen… He was even wearing a white tie… Well, I saw Dick Cheney walking with the Queen, Doing the Werewolves of Washington. I saw Dick Cheney walking with the Queen, Doing the Werewolves of Washington. I saw a werewolf wearing a white tie, And then he looked at […]

Has Bush Bottomed Out?

Has George W. Bush bottomed out in the approval polls or could he still continue to sink to new lows? Somehow I think with his status of the worst president in history, we may still see him sink a few more notches before his reign comes to an end. NEWSWEEK reports: It’s hard to say […]

Slow Down Already

The WaPo reports on Florida’s move to bump up their ’08 primary. This is really gettign out of hand now and loading the deck: On Thursday, the state of Florida voted to move its primary to Jan. 29, ahead of all but three states, in a move designed to make the Sunshine State’s 18 million […]

It’s ‘Time’ for Paris

I don’t know about our readers but come Friday, I am ready to forget politics for a few days and yes, I’ve been slacking on the blogging on the weekends because of it. So veering off the course of the usual political discussion, here’s the big gossipy celebrity news of the day (h/t to TMZ […]