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Bush Vetoes Troop Withdrawal Bill, Kerry Says Bush Veto Ignores Will of Congress, Prolongs Misguided Iraq Policy

The ‘Decider’ decided to shun the troops and veto the Iraq spending bill setting stage for “a historic showdown with Congress over whether the unpopular and costly war should end or escalate.” It was a day of high political drama, falling on the fourth anniversary of Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech declaring that major combat operations […]

Words That Come Back To Haunt

“I think it’s also important for the president to lay out a timetable…” George W. Bush, 1999

John Kerry: This Is Maliki’s Last Chance

Today, on the fourth anniversary of Bush’s “mission accomplished” speech, John Kerry spoke on the floor of the United States Senate on the Iraq War. Kerry spoke out against Bush’s promise to veto the Iraq funding bill, and urged Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to reshuffle his cabinet and fire ministers who are standing of the […]

On Eve of Veto, Republicans Buck Bush

As Bush prepares to veto the Iraq spending bill, ” Republican leaders in Congress said yesterday that negotiations on a second war spending bill should begin with benchmarks of success for the Iraqi government, and possible consequences if those benchmarks are not met.” Democratic leaders will send a $124 billion war funding bill to President […]