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Late Night News…

Catching up with news from earlier today… The House okayed the Iraq troop withdrawal bill on Wednesday, brushing aside Bush’s veto threat. The 218-208 vote came as the top U.S. commander in Iraq told lawmakers the country remained gripped by violence but was showing some signs of improvement. Passage puts the bill on track to […]

Olbermann: ‘Republicans equal life; Democrats equal death?’

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment tonight was on Rudy Giuliani’s astounding remarks at the Lincoln Dinner in New Hampshire, that Giuliani used as a platform for fear-mongering Bush/Cheney style. It’s classic Olbermann with no holds barred… The transcript is as follows: A special comment about Rudolph Giuliani’s remarks at a Lincoln Day dinner in New Hampshire: […]

Americans Siding with Dems Against Bush

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that “a solid majority of Americans side with the Democrats” on the “clash over an Iraq spending bill.” In addition, a nearly equal number believe that victory in Iraq isn’t possible, and about only one in eight think the war has improved in the three months since […]

The Media’s Role in Selling the Iraq War

Bill Moyers has a show on PBS tonight that exposes the media’s role in selling the Iraq War: “Buying the War.” My apologies to east coast readers for not noting this here earlier. There’s info on Moyers’ website about the show including a link to a preview video which will be updated with a full […]

George McGovern Blasts Cheney

George McGovern has a message for Dick Cheney… Cheney recently slammed McGovern’s 1972 campaign and the Democratic Party and McGovern blasted back with an OP/ED in the L.A. Times which including a reminder to Cheney that Cheney is a draft dodging chickenhawk, unlike McGovern who, “volunteered for military service at the age of 19 and […]

Radio Alert: John Kerry on Ed Schultz Today

I just received word that John Kerry has just agreed to be on the Ed Schultz Show today to discuss Dick Cheney’s outlandish comments yesterday about Harry Reid. Tune in… No doubt Kerry will not be holding back as he rips into Cheney. Kerry is expected to be on Ed Schultz LIVE, at approximately 1:30 […]

Cheney and Bush Have Consistently Misled Us on Iraq

Editor’s Note: Buzz’s commentary below has been pulled from the comments here… Both VP Cheney and President Bush have consistently misled us on Iraq: 1. They predicted weapons of mass destruction and chemical stockpiles. There were none. 2. They predicted that we would be greeted as liberators with flowers. We were not, instead we were […]

Giuliani Channels Bush/Cheney

Rudy Giuliani was channeling Bush/Cheney in New Hampshire on Tuesday playing the fear mongering card to the hilt. Apparently some American’s are still gullible enough at this point to believe that Republicans are stronger on terror. Fact is the Republicans are terrifying in their use of fear mongering tactics alone. Rudy Giuliani said if a […]