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Miscarriage of Justice

The implications of Gonzales v. Carhart are clear… …there is now little to stand in the way of a federal law banning abortions everywhere if Roe is overturned. In other words, abortion is not really a question of states’ rights, but rather of controlling all pregnant women regardless of the state in which they live. […]

Catching Up With Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Blog Tour

Last week I reported here that Teresa Heinz Kerry was embarking on a Blog Tour, in conjunction with her Conference on Women’s Health & the Environment which will be held tomorrow, April 20th, in Pittsburgh, PA. Well, tomorrow is the big day for The Dem Daily, as Teresa stops off here to answer my questions […]

Undermine This!

I’m so sick and tired of hearing the “undermining” meme from the Bush Administration that I could heave! TPMmuckracker reports that Alberto Gonzales pulled the “don’t critize” routine under questioning today and Senator Dick Durbin gave him what for. Watch the interchange here: “Gonzales finally backed off,” says Paul Keil on TPMmuckracker, “and both Durbin […]

NBC’s Information Overload

It was bad enough to be subjected to last night’s airing of the “multimedia manifesto” received by NBC, but having the photograph blaring across MSNBC’s homepage for hours with dozens of headlines glorifying the man responsible for the deaths of “32 people on the Virginia Tech campus,” was a pure case of appalling information overload. […]

Trippi Joins Team Edwards

Hotline On Call is reporting via the Edwards Blog that Joe Trippi has joined Team Edwards… We’re told that Trippi will be a senior adviser and a member of the media team. We suspect he’ll play a large role in developing Edwards’s internet strategy. Joe Trippi’s post on the Edwards blog is here. Trippi said, […]

Harry Reid: Iraq war is ‘lost’

Harry Reid said today that “The war in Iraq “is lost” and a US troop surge is failing to bring peace to the country.” “I believe … that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week,” Reid told journalists. Reid said […]

Back Up To Speed

Note to readers: I’m happy to announce the we’re back up to speed here at The Dem Daily. The technical issues that caused our pages to load slowly have been resolved.