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Fred Thompson & The Tax Cuts Myth

Fred Thompson writes in the WSJ that the case is closed… “Tax cuts mean growth.” Really? As Barbara explains on MahaBlog, “Old hustles never die.” Fred writes glowingly of the soaring tax revenues and the shrinking budget deficit given us by Dear Leader’s glorious tax cuts. If you want to see what a crock that […]

Following the ’08 Money

As we wind into primary season, it’s always interesting to take a look at who raising what and what they are doing with it. After all, in these times, with out the almighty $$ we wouldn’t have any candidates. To many people nowadays it seems that we’re not electing presidents anymore, we’re buying them. It’s […]

Inspired Readers Line Up to Greet Kerry at Santa Fe Bookstore

More news on John Kerry’s visit Saturday to Santa Fe, NM… The New Mexican reports that a group of 350 “inspired readers” lined up to greet Kerry at the bookstore in Santa Fe where he was scheduled for a booksigning for “This Moment On Earth,” with wife and co-author, Teresa Heinz Kerry. U.S. Rep. Tom […]

Every Little Bit Counts: Kerry Headlines Bulb-swapping Event

John Kerry was in Santa Fe, NM on Saturday to promote his new book “This Moment On Earth,” which he co-wrote with his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry. The NewMexican.com reports that “hundreds of people showed up at a Santa Fe city park Saturday to get energy-efficient light bulbs and to hear the Democratic Party’s 2004 […]

Family Milestones, Closing the Generation Gap, and Other Ramblings

Congratulations to Pamela and her daughter for successfully reaching an important family milestone. It’s no secret that family life is complicated, frustrating and difficult (and wonderful). To bring up a child through high school, or be that child, and have parent and child still on speaking terms at the end is no small achievement for […]

Grimm Brothers: Thompson and Gonzales

If you like fairy tales, just look at the morning papers. Two Republicans, Fred Thompson and Arturo Gonzales, are updating the Grimm Brothers. Uncle Fred is recycling the old one from the master storyteller of your parents’ time, Ronald Reagan, about the magic tax cuts, the trickle-down and the beanstalk that grows to the sky. […]