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Just Say No to FOX

Does Roger Ailes, the creator and chairman of Fox News, secretly admire “the bloggers and other activists working to keep Democratic presidential candidates from debating on his cable network?” E.J. Dionne seems to think he does… To be sure, Ailes will never say this. On the contrary, he is furious that MoveOn.org and others have […]

Teresa Heinz Kerry to Conduct Blog Tour in Conjuction with Conference on Women’s Health & the Environment

This weekend Teresa Heinz Kerry will embark on a Blog Tour, in conjunction with her Conference on Women’s Health & the Environment which will be held in Pittsburgh, PA on April 20th: Through Women’s Health & the Environment: New Science, New Solutions you can learn about recent and important discoveries in environmental health and walk […]

BushCo’s Big Mess

Missing E-Mail May Be Related to Prosecutors… The White House said Thursday that missing e-mail messages sent on Republican Party accounts may include some relating to the firing of eight United States attorneys. The disclosure became a fresh political problem for the White House, as Democrats stepped up their inquiry into whether Karl Rove and […]

Imus is Done, but Does That Solve the Bigger Problem

Don Imus is done. His show has now been canceled by both MSNBC and CBS. “The move” by CBS to cancel Imus’ show, “came one day after MSNBC, which has simulcast Mr. Imus’s radio program for the past 10 years, removed the show from the cable network’s morning lineup.” The two moves together mean that […]