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John Kerry Urges Bush: Listen to Your Generals, Change Course on Iraq

As I noted here earlier today, a bombing in the Green Zone in Baghdad today killed “3 Iraqi lawmakers and 5 others” (my earlier post noted 2, the news has updated this to 3). Also in “a separate incident, a powerful truck bomb toppled a major Baghdad bridge, killing at least seven and leaving the […]

The Surge Is Working: Blast Rocks Iraq Parliament; 2 Lawmakers Killed

Long live the surge! We see today that the effects of Bush’s ‘surge’ in Iraq are so powerful that “militants can penetrate even the most secure locations” — like the Green Zone. A bomb exploded in the Iraqi parliament’s cafeteria in a stunning assault in the heart of the heavily fortified, U.S.-protected Green Zone on […]

Lee Iacocca: “You Can’t Call Yourself a Patriot If You’re Not Outraged”

Although Lee Iacocca was an outspoken Bush supporter in 2000, he did make a break with the Bush Administration in the 2004 election, by backing John Kerry. Iacocca said at the time that his decision to endorse Kerry was made “not as a partisan but as an unabashed patriot.” Well, Lee Iacocca is speaking up […]