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Gingrich: Gonzales Should Consider Resigning

Newt Gingrich and John Kerry will have at least one thing in common when they kick off their Global Warming debate on Tuesday, they both believe that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should resign. Kerry has in fact, called on Bush to fire Gonzales. Gingrich, a “possible presidential candidate said the botched firing of U.S. attorneys […]

McCain’s Sugar Coated Iraq Delusion

John McCain has drank so deep from the Bush KoolAid that he’s truly become delusional from the massive sugar rush. In an OP/ED in today’s WaPo, McCain coats his vision of Iraq with his desperate bid to save his ’08 presidential candidacy based on Bush’s war. I just returned from my fifth visit to Iraq […]

The Importance of Being Green

Vanity Fair’s new 2nd annual Green Issue is available at newstands and online: It’s all about “The Importance of Being Green,” which is still a concept that some folks don’t get. But, as I have noted here recently, these folks do and thank goodness for that. Take some time and start being part of the […]