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Pelting Karl

A group of college students at American University gave Karl Rove a send off tonight that he might have preferred not to have received: Rove was on the campus to talk to the College Republicans, but when he got outside more than a dozen students began throwing things at him and at his car, an […]

Kerry Responds to Bush’s Press Conference on Iraq Funding Bill

In his Rose Garden press conference this morning, Bush claimed that “Democrats in Congress irresponsible for approving war bills that order U.S. troops to leave Iraq by certain dates.” John Kerry responded to Bush’s press conference making it crystal clear that “unlike this administration, when it comes to standing by our troops, we [Democrats] mean […]

John Kerry: McCain Approached Me About Joining Dem Ticket in 2004

Well… John Kerry put the rumors to rest yesterday about who approached who in ’04 to float John McCain as a potential VP. It wasn’t Team Kerry… It was McCain: According to Sen. Kerry, it was John McCain’s staff who approached his campaign about potentially filling the Vice President slot on the Democratic ticket in […]

Wade Sanders: A New Day in Political Discourse?

Wade Sanders’ latest column on Military.com asks if the withdrawal of Sam Fox as nominee for the ambassadorship of Belgium signals a “A New Day in Political Discourse?” Sanders notes: The withdrawal of Fox’s nomination continues to make news, but few seemed to grasp the real importance of the event: it was a political watershed […]

John and Teresa Heinz Kerry Talk with Bill O’Reilly on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’

John and Teresa Heniz Kerry were on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ to discuss their new book, “This Moment On Earth” last night. O’Reilly veered off course for the first half of the interview and pulled the Senator into a discussion on the situation with Iran. It’s surprising, but not, that O’Reilly failed to touch on the […]

‘Rightist Indignation’ Produces Latest Book Against Bush: ‘Invasion of the Party Snatchers’

Last night I was talking with a friend about the difference between being angry and righteous indignation. Righteous indignation empowers people to go out a fight for things they believe in. It seems yet another Republican now has a case of righteous indignation against the Bush Administration or more apyly put: ‘Rightist Indignation.’ They’re dropping […]