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The Rove Touch is Everywhere

Take a look at every scandal that has come along in the Bush Administration, says the N.Y. Times editorial in today’s Times and Karl Roves “tracks are everywhere: whether it’s helping to purge United States attorneys, coaching bureaucrats on how to spend taxpayers’ money to promote Republican candidates, hijacking the White House Office of Faith-Based […]

Jonathan Alter: ‘My Life with Cancer’

With cancer in the forefront of the news recently due to Elizabeth Edwards’ and Tony Snow’s recurrence, Jonathan Alter details his “life with cancer” in a 6 page piece on NEWSWEEK. It’s a wonderfully open and honest look at his battle with cancer that was first diagnosed on ‘Super Tuesday’ 2004. Alter ends his piece […]

Former Bush Strategist Dowd: “Kerry Was Right” on Iraq

Ouch! Matthew Dowd has had a wake up call since leaving the Bush Administration and it’s a real slap in the face to Dubya. Dowd, in 1999, became the poster child of “Bush’s early success at positioning himself as a Republican with Democratic appeal.” Now he’s looking back and he says “his faith in Mr. […]