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Hillary Clinton Nails Bush Administration on the NCLB Racket

With the Bush administration, everything is a racket, as they labor to bring in Republican firms to privatize government agencies and programs. Think FEMA. Think Halliburton. Now, think about all those offers for “free tutoring” that kids in public schools get from private companies. In New Hampshire on Friday, Hillary Clinton “criticized the Bush administration […]

Building a Better B List

The discussion on blogrolling and building a better B-List of blogs has surfaced again. I stayed out out the earlier round, where Atrios and other A-List blogs purged there blogrolls, but I do think the discussion is worthy of note. As a blogger and an internet based small business owner, I fully understand the value […]

New Books: Tom Bissell, Take a Bow.

I recently finished a book called God Lives in St. Petersburg by Tom Bissell. For someone of my age (early fifties) it can be a little annoying to encounter members of the younger generation (thirty-something generation X, Y or whatever) with superior insight. At the same time it’s great to know that the younger folks, […]