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Kerry Calls On President Bush to Fire Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez

Alberto Gonzales tried to weasel out of the mess he and the Bush Administration have made with the firing of federal prosecutors. The judgment was swift — he failed: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales faced the cameras for all of nine minutes yesterday, but he managed to contradict himself at least four times as he fought […]

Kennedy: Gonzales Resignation is Long Overdue

Alberto Gonzales admitted today that “‘mistakes were made’ regarding the firing of eight U.S. attorneys and he accepts responsibility for the ordeal.” His explanation has been called a ‘sorry excuse.’ Gonzales said the lawyers should have been told why they were being fired and admitted the explanations initially given to Congress about the matter were […]

Kerry Rips Cheney: ‘Cheney Needs to Stop Bad-Mouthing Democrats, Start Changing Policy’

John Kerry went to the Senate floor a short time ago to speak on his support for the Democratic exit strategy for Iraq. In his floor speech, Kerry responded to Cheney’s speech yesterday at AIPAC and he criticized Cheney for suggesting that Democrats who support a deadline for redeploying troops are telling “the enemy to […]

Dan Rather: ‘Journalists Have Become Lapdogs to Power’

Dan Rather “opined at length on the state of his profession,” during his hour-long keynote address at South by Southwest Interactive, saying that “too many journalists have become lapdogs to power, rather than watchdogs.” Candidly, Rather said, “I do not exclude myself from this criticism…” Rather touched on “the state of the Internet as a […]

Is ICE Out of Control Under BushCo? Kerry Vows Investigation into Raid

Last week ICE conducted another immigration raid on a factory in New Bedford, MA. The detainees from the raid have been taken to detention facilities in Texas, far away from their children and families. Most are women. Maybe it’s time we asked the question is ICE out of control under the Bush administration? In the […]

White House In Deep with Prosecutor Firings

The Bush White House is in deep in it’s latest controversy, the firing of federal prosecutors. I’m really not at all surprised to read this flashed across the major newspapers this morning, and I am of little faith that with all the controversy we’ll really see anything done to stop the major train wreck of […]

Feeling Safer Lately?

If so, it may be due to a bold but move by the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Sen. Joe Lieberman. Instead of the customary seating of Democrats and Republicans on opposite sides of the table, they will now be alternating, like the boy-girl arrangement at dinner parties. “We want the American people to […]