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Cheney Claims Congress Undermining the Troops but NEWSWEEK Reports: ‘Iraq is draining National Guard, Reserves’

If we are to believe Dick Cheney (which we won’t) from his speech today at AIPAC, he would have us believe that Congress is “undermining U.S. troops.” Not just Congress mind you, but Congressional Democrats in particular with a few rogue Republicans. Vice President Dick Cheney challenged lawmakers Monday to prove their support for U.S. […]

TV Alert: Chris Dodd on The Daily Show Tonight

Daily Show fans should tune in tonight to catch Chris Dodd on the show. ChrisDodd.com has photos and some pre-show videos including one of Jon Stewart stopping by the Green Room before taping the show, to say hello to Senator Dodd. Ever since Richard Nixon appeared on Laugh In, Bill Clinton played the sax on […]

Get Over It, Opinion Journal

Once was not enough for the WSJ’s Opinion Journal to run their snarky column about John Kerry’s questioning of Bush nominee Sam Fox a couple of weeks ago (see earlier post here). Evidently, loathe to accept that Fox is unqualified to be ambassador to Belgium and deserved what he got from Kerry during the Senate […]

Karl ‘The Conduit’ Rove

The latest Bush administration scandal that involves the firings of U.S. Attorneys is now pointing in the direction of none other than Karl Rove. The White House acknowledged on Sunday that presidential adviser Karl Rove served as a conduit for complaints to the Justice Department about federal prosecutors who were later fired for what critics […]

Native American Trackers to Hunt Osama

There’s an interesting piece in the news about an elite group of Native American trackers, the Shadow Wolves, who are being sent to Afghanistan to hunt down Osama bin Laden. BushCo has been unsuccessful — these guys will probably get the job done right: The unit, the Shadow Wolves, was recruited from several tribes, including […]