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A Winning Pledge Presidential Candidates Should Make

After the failed presidency of George W. Bush, years of being stuck in a war based on lies, here’s a pledge, a winning pledge that all candidates should be making in the ’08 election: “I will never go on vacation during a war. The president is the U.S. soldiers’ commander in chief, and as long […]

Gonzales Has Got to Go

Alberto Gonzales is “The Failed Attorney General” and it’s time for him to go. He never should have made it past the nomination process, but he did. Now it’s clear he “does not have a clue about the difference” between “the job he held — President Bush’s in-house lawyer — and the job he wanted, […]

Spring Ahead!

Daylight Savings Time comes early this year. If you are like me, you forgot. I was catching up on paperwork (big fun on a Saturday night) and just realized it’s an hour later than I thought it was! I’ll be adjusting the time stamp on the posts here shortly! Happy Daylight Savings Time everyone: If […]