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Another Global Warming Concern

Just when you thought all you had to worry about with Global Warming was rising temperatures and tide levels comes the news of another concern. Global warming can actually make you sick, physically. The L.A. Times reports, “Rising temperatures are redistributing bacteria, insects and plants, exposing people to diseases they’d never encountered before.” The spread […]

As It Should Be

here is another wacky weird comic brought to you by steven

Bill Richardson: Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran

The drumbeat on Iran has gotten louder again in the past couple of days and Bill Richardson spoke out about it in an OP/ED in the WaPo today. Richardson certainly has some creds on foreign policy as former Ambassador to the UN. He’s on the mark with his call for diplomacy with Iran in my […]

U.S. Economy Leaving Record Numbers in Severe Poverty

Word from the Bush administration is that the economy is good. But if that is the case, why is it that “the number of severely poor Americans grew by 26 percent from 2000 to 2005?” That’s 56 percent faster than the overall poverty population grew in the same period. McClatchy Newspapers, who reported on this […]

Hell… Too Good For Some…

In New Zealand, a complaint made against pizza company, “Hell Pizza” for a billboard that featured “US President George Bush has been partially upheld” by New Zealand’s Advertising Standards Complaints Board (ASCB). The billboard featured a picture of Bush and the words “Hell. Too good for some evil bastards“. Objections were made to the use […]